OPC Factory Server V3.50

IE2912 SP7

Copyright 2003-2015 Schneider Electric Industries SAS

Enhancements - Bug Fixing :

2906 SP1

Vulnerability fixing : Opcautosa2.dll (OPC Automation 2.0 Server Object) Active X used to crash Internet Explorer 6 when Connect() or GetOPCServers() were invoked with very long  BSTR input arguments.


2907 SP2

Bug fixing : VT_BSTR items value used to be badly managed.

Bug fixing :  IOPCBrowseServerAddressSpace::ChangeBrowsePosition() used to be badly managed with OPC_BROWSE_TO browse direction.

Bug fixing : <<system>>!#ClientAlive was not published in OPC-UA address space. Netherveless, that item is

reserved to manage DCOM keep alive service between  OPC UA Wrapper and OFS and is not.applicable between OPC UA Client and OPC UA Wrapper.

Bug fixing : OPC XML-DA service was not supported on x64 platforms. Additionnaly, on x64 platforms, the IIS OFS application pool

must have the property "Enable 32-Bit applications" set to TRUE.

Bug fixing : OFS SMALL used to display bad license information.

Bug fixing : OFS Manager tool used to not display Device information.

Bug fixing : XVM or data dictionary arabic Unity symbols were not supported.

Bug fixing : Data dictionnary reloading on build change might crash OFS server.

Bug fixing : XTEL or ORPHEE items were no more supported.

Enhancement : When several Unity alias configured with data dictionary preloading had duplicated address, preload of one alias used to time-out the others.


2908 SP3

Bug fixing : %MD direct address was supported on Unity device, only if the configured Symbol Access Mode was "Located Only".

Bug fixing : Intermediate levels of multi-dimentionnal arrays (accessed globally) animation was not restarting after a data dictionnary resynchronisation.

Enhancement : OPC UA Wrapper does not fetch anymore properties of all browsed OPC items but only properties of target OPC items.

Enhancement : OPC UA Wrapper browse service was consumming long time on certain complex items.

Enhancement : During long operations, OPC UA Wrapper was disconnecting abusively from OFS server.

Enhancement : OFS user manual (PDF+chm) and OPC Factory Server- Tuning the Communication Parameters (PDF+chm) are updated.


2909 SP4

Bug fixing : In some cases, the diagnostics window might lead to an over-consumption of memory.

Bug fixing : When Symbol Access Mode\ Located Only is checked in OFS Configuration tool, Read\Write operations may malfunction

on %SD,  %MD and %MF. Note that this option does not support %KD nor %KF.

Bug fixing : When Symbol Access Mode\ Located Only is checked in OFS Configuration tool, write operations of extracted bits of consecutive words may malfunction.

Bug fixing : XML parser cyber-security vulnerability fix compatible with Unity PRO 5.0 and inferior. If Unity PRO 5.0 or inferior is installed, please remove manually C:\Program Files\Common Files\Schneider Electric Shared\SRCSDK\srcsdk.dll before performing the OFS SP4 installation.

Enhancement : Memory footprint reduction.


2910 SP5

Bug fixing : In some cases of Unity data dictionnary loading/ reloading , OFS might crash on simultaneous item removal.


2911 SP6

Bug fixing : In some rare cases, a faulty request might be sent to Unity devices during read operations, causing a communication failure.

Bug fixing : OFS server might be corrupted during Unity XVM database import on Windows 8.1 or Server 2012 R2


2912 SP7

Bug fixing : Some Unity overlapping items read cases were badly managed.

Bug fixing : Unity %Ir.m.c.d and %Qr.m.c.d were badly managed.

Bug fixing : Reading both #ClientAlive and #NbrRequest generated an exception in OFS server.

 Enhancement : Consistency level modes are improved on write operation inconsistency detection.