Unity DIF V8.0 SP7

Release Notes

1. What’s new in Unity DIF V8.0 SP7

Unity DIF V8.0 SP7 evolutions versus previous versions (SP6) are described below:

·         Fix for PEP0439020R: UnityDif8.0SP6: comparison fail on Windows7

·         Fix for PEP0433575R: UnityDif8, SP5 - applications failed to open with an error message “Open Application Failed”.

·         Fix for PEP0444056R: Unity Dif 8 SP6 - impossible to compare projects, project files always throws an error message “Error while comparing the given project files”. Error occurs with .zef, .stu, .sta formats with Unity Pro 13 installed in the system

·         Fix for PEP0411145R: Unity Dif 8.0 sp4, manual registration not working


2.   Limitations

2.1.  Comparison in Offline mode only

Unity DIF will compare project files from the same PC or from remote PC. In this mode, it’s not possible to compare a project file directly with a project embedded into a PLC

2.2.  Use of Security Editor

o  If the Security is ON in Unity Pro, Unity DIF will compare project files after asking for the appropriate profile to be used. However, for Unity DIF to function correctly, the profile should have rights to at least do the following: Open an existing project, Import and Save project. In case of default Unity profile, it is recommended to use the PROGRAM profile.

o  If the Security is ON in Unity Pro, the samples cannot be used directly. Need to modify them to provide the username and password of the correct profile to be used for the comparison and recompile the samples.

o  If the Security is ON in Unity Pro with no login or avoidable login, Unity DIF will still prompt for the username and password. Provide the username and password of the correct profile to be used for the comparison

2.3.  Project Settings Limitation

Since few Project Settings have been changed from Unity Pro 5.0 onwards, the comparison of project files of earlier versions may contains added or deleted differences in the Project Settings section.

2.4.  Removal of whitespaces during Project Import / Export in Unity Pro

During project Import / Export in Unity Pro, it could happen that whitespaces at the beginning or at the end of certain language elements are being removed which leads to insignificant differences displayed in Unity DIF.


3.   Troubleshooting

3.1.  Uninstall and Reinstall of Unity Pro

In case of uninstall and reinstall of Unity Pro, the “Project Comparison” menu will disappear from the Unity Pro Tools menu. To get this menu back, reinstall or repair Unity DIF

3.2.  Comparison of STU files from a read-only server does not work

Comparison of STU files from a read-only server does not work. Copy those files into a local folder with read/write permissions to perform a successful comparison

3.3.  Chinese OS not supported

Unity DIF does not support Chinese operating system

3.4.  Unity DIF Batch mode - complete path mandatory

In batch mode while performing compare, enter the complete file path (Example: C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\Unity Dif\Unity.stu)

3.5.  Sample Projects

All sample projects have to be built before using


4.   Last Minute Information

4.1.  Do not delete Unity project files during comparison

While performing comparison on Unity DIF, do not delete the files being compared. Deleting the files can lead to error conditions.

4.2.  Saving STU files with different names when program sections are opened on Unity Pro

After performing a comparison and opening a program sections on Unity Pro; performing "Save As" STU file with different names, ensure that Unity Pro instances are closed before starting next comparison or exit Unity DIF.

4.3.  Manual installation of .Net Framework 2.0 on Windows 8 and Windows 10

Manual Installation of .Net Framework 2.0 require to run Schneider License Manager on Windows 8