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OPC Factory Server V3.60 - Read Me


1      What’s new in OPC Factory Server (OFS) V3.60




             PLC native communication redundancy

                     An optional feature allows establishing a redundant communication link with Unity PLCs


             Device connection enhanced operating modes

                     Two optional parameters allow adjusting the communication flow recovery with PLCs or devices.



             PLC timestamped variables support

                  On Modicon M580 plateforms, BOOL and EBOOL variables (application variable or local IOs) timestamped at source are supported in the same way as

                  for BME\BMX-CRA or BMX-ERT. (for M580 firmware version >=V2.00 and Unity PRO version >= V10.0)


             OFS Timestamp helper update

                  Located on \Extras folder, the tool supports PLC timestamped variables as defined above. 


             DATE, TIME, DT and TOD Unity Pro types conversion

                   As for STRING, adding the postfix ";C" to items linked to variables with such types performs automatically an OPC item type conversion to VT_BSTR with the accurate

 IEC 1131-3 formatted value string 

              (ex: myAlias!myTOD;C is converted from VT_UI4 to VT_BSTR with formated value TOD#<Hour>:<Minutes>:<Seconds> )


            %MB and %MW PL7 arrays conversion

                    Adding the postfix ";C" to items linked to variables with such types performs automatically an OPC item type conversion to VT_BSTR with the accurate formatted value string 

               (ex: myAlias!myPL7BytesArray;C is converted from VT_UI1|VT_ARRAY to VT_BSTR)



              New specific item #PLCDataDicReady

                     A new specific item gives the status of data dictionary in OFS server for an alias, even if a symbol table file is configured also (case of .STU and .XVM file with data dictionary).

                   This specific item has following properties:


                 Name                                 Type                Access             Can be activated      

                #PLCDataDicReady             VT_UI1             R                     Yes


               Possible read values:

0 : indicates that the PLC data dictionary is not configured for this alias (in OFS configuration tool).  

1 : indicates that the PLC data dictionary is not available. There are some possible cases :

The data dictionary functionality is not available / set in UnityPro application and so not embedded in PLC.             

            The loading/browse of data dictionary can be in progress in OFS Server.

 2 : indicates that the PLC data dictionary is available.

In case of full data dictionary without symbol table file, the loading/browse of data dictionary by OFS Server is finished with success.

In case of data dictionary with a symbol table file, the data dictionary is embedded in UnityPro and PLC application.

A preloading can be in progress if No Communication Break is configured.



            Communication drivers update

                     The drivers below are available in the Communication Drivers folder.



                                                            Modbus Serial       PLC USB          Unitelway             XIP   



                 Windows7/ 8/ 8.1/10 (x64)          V3.9                  V3.6                      V3.5                V3.6        

                 Windows7/ 8/ 8.1/10 (x86)          V2.9                  V2.6                      V2.5                V2.6





2      Last minute information

      Potential communication driver issue on Windows x64

On Windows x64 (7 / 8 / 8.1/ 10) the communication drivers other than PLC USB might be badly managed by OFS if XIP driver is not installed. To fix this issue, just install XIP driver



       PLC USB communication driver setup

          Do not try to connect to PLC if USB driver Schneider PLC USB DriverSuite.exe is not installed on the computer:  Windows system would install a default USB device, and you would not be able to connect to PLC any more, unless you un-install the faulty USB device (via Windows Device Manager) and re-install SchneiderPLCUSBDriverSuite.exe.



      PLC USB communication driver setup on Windows 8 /8.1 /10

On Windows 8 / 8.1 /10 - for IP address assignment ( for USB network connection with M580 or Momentum Unity controller a reboot is required after device is connected first time to USB port and USB RNDIS driver installation has finished.


            Internet Information Services configuration on Windows x64 platforms

                        On x64 platforms, the IIS OFS application pool must have the property Enable 32-Bit applications set to TRUE.



       Signed .Net applications or Assemblies can take long time to launch

OFS Configuration tool, About box (OFS, OFS Manager and Sample client), .Net sample client, OPCUA tools can take long time to launch when Internet access is not available.


            Advanced PLC diagnostic information   

                        Enhanced Diagnostics specific items are available only with Unity PLC




The minimum OPC group update rate supported by OFS is 300 ms.

When user registers OFS using the By Web on another PC method, if Internet Explorer IE10 is used to connect to Schneider Electric Registration site, then IE10 must be used in compatibility mode.