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OFS UA 2.01


Release Notes

        Table of contents


1           Fixed/delivered topic in this release

2           Planned topics for next version (OFS UA V2.10)


1  Fixed topics in this release OFS UA 2.01

The enhancements embedded in this release are:

·           No more /LARGE option needed

·      The new Monitored Items limitation is fixed to 300 000

·      Management of the UA ServiceLevel status: one global for the server and one for each Alias

·      Availability of the ControlExpert application signatures

·      Improvement of the EHDCS compliance

·      Improvement on the diagnostic log files

·         Do not serve Monitored Items until Data Dictionary is completely loaded



The defects fixed in this release are:

·       Errors on unknown alias should be factorized

·       Snapshot file is NOT including subscription's Session ID

·       Provide the Total Monitored Items in Diagnostic items of OFS-UA server





2      Planned topics for next version (OFS UA v2.10)

The enhancements planned for v2.10 are:

·       Improvement in diagnostic log files

·       Improvement on timestamping

·       TLS secure communication

·       System limits computation at build time

·       Application and user certificates periodic check

·       Remote monitoring availability