OPC Factory Server V3.60

3112 SP4

Copyright © 2003-2017 Schneider Electric Industries SAS

Enhancements - Bug Fixing :

3109 SP1

Bug fixing : OFS server could not be installed as a NT Service on Windows platforms posterior to Windows 7.

Bug fixing : OPC XML-DA Web services reconnection on OFS server exception was badly managed.

Bug fixing : In rare circumstances, OFS server might crash on not preloaded device removal .

Bug fixing : REAL simulated Unity variables were badly managed.

Bug fixing : Synchronous\ Asynchronous Read\Write operations error management is no more global but related to individual items .

Bug fixing : IOPCBrowseServerAddressSpace:: ChangeBrowsePosition (OPC_BROWSE_TO) applied to an alias or an alias child is no more alias case sensitive.

Enhancement : OPCUA Client and Wrapper server built-in certificate install on %CommonApplicationData%\Schneider Electric\OFS\UACertificateStores\MachineDefault.

To trust your self-signed OPCUA client certificate, please run on OFS machine the following command line:

 "certutil -addstore -f  "UA Applications" <yourOPCUAClientCertificate>"

To trust your OPCUA client certificate issued by a Certification Authority, please trust the CA issuer certificates chain as described above.

3110 SP2

Bug fixing : Active items may not access devices at the actual group update rate. OPC groups update rate is now revised (through IOPCServer::AddGroup or IOPCGroupStateMgt::SetState) to the nearest multiple of 50ms (for instance 420ms is revised to 400ms, 430ms to 450ms). Minimum supported update rate is 300ms (500ms for TimeStamp event group).


Bug fixing : Unity data dictionnary loading may fail on Unity application modified without explicit build command.


Bug fixing : A memory leak occured on Synchronous or Asynchronous Read operations.


Bug fixing : #PLCQualStatus may not reflect the actual device connection status when used as a single active item on event sources, devices without alias or with alias with /Q or /NQ postfix.


Bug fixing : #TSEventSynchro write operation could not be interrupted on a missing event source. It is now interrupted after a certain amount of retries.


Bug fixing : PLC event sources configured with redundant addresses may be badly managed on TimeStamp Event Group activation\ deactivation sequences.


Enhancement : #SwitchPrimaryAddress value and quality are updated as below :


      Read value 0: indicates that primary communication path is Device Address A.
      Read value 1: indicates that primary communication path is Device Address B.
      Read value 2:  indicates that standby communication path is not configured (new feature)
      Quality QUAL_BAD : Communication with the device is interrupted, the primary, and standby communication paths are OFFLINE.
      Quality QUAL_UNCERTAIN : Communication with the device is correct but the standby communication path is OFFLINE (new feature)
      Quality QUAL_GOOD : Communication with the device is correct, the primary and standby communication paths are ONLINE


Enhancement : OPCXML-DA performances enhancement.


Enhancement : Retry mode on applicative or RPC notification errors .


Enhancement : New memory consumption monitoring in the status window.


Enhancement : Update of Modbus SL and XWAY drivers.



3111 SP3

Bug fixing : In some cases of device access with burst of requests, the garbage collector was not able to stabilize memory consumption. 


Bug fixing : A memory leak occurred when PLC link redundancy is configured. 


Bug fixing : When a connection is closed by the target device (gracefully or not), other open connections to the device might become unusable.



3112 SP4

Bug fixing : A crash may occur on TimeStamp Event Group deactivation when PLC link redundancy is configured.


Bug fixing : The option Symbol Access Mode \ Located Only is no more supported.


Bug fixing : Write operation used to fail on not array items or on array items of size 1 for which item requested type is VT_ARRAY.


Bug fixing : Communication errors on XWAY/ Uni-Te V2 may lead in certain cases to unrecoverable communication break, particularly on high communication flow. 


Bug fixing : When “Quick Item Validation” is not configured, bad device access was not returned to IOPCItemMgt::ValidateItems()