Readme for Altivar Process ATV6xx Language Pack



Installing language pack allows you to use the ATV6xx DTM in following languages:

·         French (FR)

·         German (DE)

·         Italian (IT)

·         Simplified Chinese (Zh - CN)

·         Spanish (ES)



How to Get the Language Pack

You can download the language pack from Schneider Electric website,



Compatibility with ATV6xx DTM Library

Language pack is version specific; that is the language pack created for version N of Altivar Process ATV6xx DTM library cannot be used with N-1 or N+1 version of the ATV6xx DTM library.




Before installing a language pack:

·         Close the FDT container.

·         Install the ATV6xx DTM library (in English).



Installation Procedure

Step 1

Double click the .exe file of language you wish to install.

Step 2

In the Welcome to the InstallSheild Wizard for Altivar Process Language Pack window, click Next.

Step 3

In the Ready to Install the Program window, click Install.

Step 4


In the InstallShield Wizard Complete window, click Finish.



Note:   Uninstalling ATV6xx DTM library uninstalls the language pack form your PC.